Coder League - Weekly Coding Lessons

Kids Coding Scratch

Coder Sports educational programs allow kids to learn coding the way they play sports – practice, coaching, and games. “Coder Athletes” attend one hour practice sessions where they work with a Coder Coach on programming lessons and personal development projects. Kids may attend one hour coding practice sessions once a week or twice a week. 

Coder Coaches closely monitor their development, providing immediate support and guidance during learn to code practices sessions.

Of course for most kids, practices are only worthwhile when they prepare you for the game! Coder Athletes work on projects during practice, and then get an opportunity to show their software programming accomplishments during our regularly scheduled Tournaments, GameJams, CodaThons, and HackaThons where we come together as community. 

From new Coder Athletes who learn Scratch games, to advanced Minecraft™ Mods, and unique Python games, we spend a fun evening sharing our experiences, providing feedback, and having a blast!

Twice a Week Coder League

Popular Learn to Code option for kids and teens
$ 249
Monthly based on a six month commitment
Family Discounts Available!
  • Custom Learning Plan
  • Individualized Coaching & Support
  • Two One Hour Practice Sessions per week
  • All CodeaThons, HackaThons, GameJam Nights, and Tournaments
  • Reserved spot for all PD Day Camps and Summer Camps
  • Learn to Build an App for iPhone & Android
  • Python Programming courses, individual and group software development projects
  • "Coder Team Captain" Leadership Opportunities

Once a Week Coder League

Great Learn to Code option for kids and teens
$ 169
Monthly based on a six month commitment
Family Discounts Available!
  • Custom Learning Plan
  • Kids Learn to Code
  • Learn Java, Python, JavaScript and more.
  • One Hour Practice Session per week
  • Priority Registration for all Coding Day Camps and Coding Summer Camps

Our computer science based educational curriculum is implemented online through our sophisticated Learning Management System. We track the unique educational development of every child at all times. Each child works on an independent learn to code development path. Kids may study Scratch to learn the fundamental concepts of coding. When they are ready to learn text based programming, they choose from several development paths including learning Java coding and building Minecraft Mods, to sophisticated Python classes where kids experience real work Machine Learning and AI applications in modern Robotics courses.


Python Courses
Kids learn to write software programs

As they advance, kids must successfully complete knowledge tests and demonstrate their coding projects in real world product demos. Learning how to be part of a team, how to handle presentations, and advancing through adversity are all part of our Long Term Coder Development Framework that sets Coder Sports Academy educational programs apart from more tradition bound teaching processes.

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